Refresher and Motorway Driving lessons in Preston

Motorway driving lessons in Preston

City Driving School Preston provide motorway driving lessons to help people who have passed their driving test to master the very dangerous motorways.

Our motorway driving lessons will help you become more aware of the very dangerous motorway due to heavier traffic and higher speeds that are involved. Our motorway driving lessons will show you why you need to be fully alert at all times as tiredness can kill. Busy motorway junctions can be very intimidating if you have not got the driving skills needed and confidence to deal with them safely and correctly.

The British weather is very unpredictable you need to be able to adjust your driving to the challenging road conditions to help plan a safe journey. City Driving School Preston offer excellent training for all problems in relation to driving on motorways.

Motorway driving lessons in Preston

Drivinglessons in Preston

Refresher driving lessons in Preston

If you haven't driven or have not taken any driving lessons for a while City Driving School Preston strongly recommend that you take a few refresher driving lessons.

Drivers need to refresh their knowledge from time to time and keep up with changes in the law. Even experienced drivers can develop bad habits and let their standards slip.

City Driving School Preston offer refresher driving lessons for people who need to perfect parking techniques, help with building confidence and awareness and planning of potential accidents hotspots. We also provide controlling speed awareness training, all weather driving advice and practise.

Please call City Driving School Preston on 01772 727390 for friendly advice, or to book your driving lessons.

Our aim is for you to become a safe driver.

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